For over 40 years our Group has been developing and growing. From our simple beginning with a single hand operated aerosol filling machine and a dedication to supply the best service possible, to-days current state of the art production facilities we have become the largest and most technically advanced aerosol contract manufacture in the region.

Founded in 1958, as MT Manufacturing, our commitment to succeed led to the opening of PACKSERV in 1993. Packserv was the beginning of our plan to become the global company we are today. Installing the latest aerosol filling lines from the United States and Europe has allowed us to meet the needs of our Multinational Customers. This has led to the growth in customer business both in Thailand and through out the World.


Our mission is to be the most respected global supplier by making the best possible quality aerosol products and service with the use of most current high technology available. Our business model is one of kind, combining the best principle practice of our customers; Western management and technology, Japanese high quality standard and Asia high level of service , and at the lowest cost. available.

showcase image To raise Contract Manufacturing to a new level that guarantees satisfaction as a result of Packserv's commitment to our customers needs. We are committed to reduce our customers' production overhead and improve their business performance, while maintaining safety, quality, on time delivery, cost effectiveness and accurate results.


To be the most trusted company supporting our customers in maximizing their business opportunities. We will be one of the most successful aerosol and liquid filling contract manufacturing companies in the world. We will continuously develop new methods and technologies that meet our customers' changing requirements with commitment to their success through quality and service at the most competitive price. We shall provide our unique combination of experience and expertise in the contract manufacturing business to ensure our customers continued success.


Environment, Packserv believe strongly in environmental protection. We focus on not only our production process and material handling but also our facilities and the surrounding area. We will use only those materials and processes which are determine as being safe for our environment, our worker and our customer.